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Managed Online Backup

Managed Online Backup

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Our Managed Online Backup Service is designed to take the stress out of backing up your business data. Using enterprise-level security to protect your backups, our exclusive backup service requires absolutely no interaction from you whatsoever – everything is handled on your behalf!

How it works

Software is installed on your computer that continually monitors and backs up the latest data changes you’ve made. This process happens every time you stop using your computer and it is in an idle state. The backup only runs after five minutes of inactivity, so it does not affect system performance during use. If the backup fails, you will be alerted by KS Technologies and we will login remotely, or if required, visit your office to resolve the problem.


​As you can imagine, when backing up legal data, security ​is obviously paramount. As such, we have partnered with EMC, ​the world’s largest data ​protection company to provide our backup service. Our backup ​software encrypts your files using 256-bit AES encryption, which is​ the same security standard as online banking. Your files are then transferred through an SSL-encrypted connection, ensuring double encryption during transit to EMC’s data centres, located in Dublin and Cork.

Data Restoration

In the unfortunate event of data loss, KS Technologies will restore your data for you. Data can be installed back to their original location or to another computer entirely. Select specific files or all files can be successfully restored.

Additional Features

This service also includes file synchronization, which enables you to access your data across all your devices using the same enterprise-level security. You simply choose a folder (i.e. Documents) and it syncs the data with your work / home PC and mobile devices. You can then view and edit your files from any location.


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  • Continuous 24/7 Backup
  • Enterprise Level Security
  • Fully Managed Service, no Interaction Required
  • Data Restored on your behalf
  • Enterprise File Synchronisation
  • File Access from anywhere location
  • Compliance for Legal Hold & eDiscovery
  • Windows & Mac Support

Why choose Managed Online Backup over hard drive backup?

Managed Online backup is the safest form of backup, with the least amount of hassle. Hard Drive backups require continuous checking to ensure they are operating correctly. Connections fail on a regular basis, cables get unplugged and drives are susceptible to power outages and viruses. Managed Online Backup ensures a stress-free backup schedule, including proactive alerts on failed backups and complete data restores on your behalf.

Is using Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive an adequate backup solution?

No. These specific Cloud-based services have a completely different purpose than online backup. They are very limited with regard to backing up data. They replicate changes across your devices, which unfortunately includes mistakes too. For example, should you accidentally delete some files on your computer, they are in-turn deleted from all your devices. They provide no protection monitoring or reporting facilities. Online backup creates a secondary copy of your data and does not alter the primary data, this ensures it is always available for recovery in the event that the primary copy is lost.

What’s the difference between Managed Online Backup and standard Online Backup?

Managed Online Backup is a managed service. The health of your backups, software updates and data restores are all maintained for you. This takes the stress out of backing up your data and also gets you up and running with minimal downtime in the event of data loss.

Can I backup more than one computer?

Yes. You can backup as many computers as you wish. The cost is based on storage usage, as opposed to paying a license fee for each computer.

Who has access to my files?

Only you. KS Technologies can only access your files when authorised to do so i.e. when restoring data on your behalf.

What data can I backed up?

You can backup all files, documents, emails, accounting data, ROS Certs, Videos, Pictures etc. Even locked files, or files that are in use are backed up.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay monthly via credit / debit card or by standing order. Yearly payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer.

Why choose KS Technologies as your online backup provider?

We have been providing IT Services to the legal industry for over 16 years. We currently provide online backup to over three hundred Barrister’s in the Law Library and Solicitor practices.