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Maintaining Your PC

Maintaining Your PC

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If you’ve ever had a computer crash, loss all your data or were without your computer for several days due to a virus, you learned a valuable lesson about the need to maintain your PC. The following steps will help you:


Backup Your Data

Firstly, the most important thing you can do as a computer owner is to consistently and reliably backup the data stored on your hard drive. Online backup is the recommended option as it offers secure continuous backups in an offsite location. The other option is to use an external hard drive. Although not as reliable as online backup it is better than no backup. Please note, USB memory sticks are NOT recommended as they are designed for transferring files between computers.


Update! Update! Update!

The majority of computer problems are caused by not updating your system. “I do not know what programs are safe to update” is something we hear on a regular basis. Here is a list of applications that you should be updating.

Windows Update
It is extremely important that you run your Windows Updates as soon as they become available. Windows Updates protect you from security threats such as malware (malicious software), general bugs in the Windows Operating system and also provides access to new features. You should make sure Windows Updates are set to automatically download and install. To do this, click Start, Control Panel, System and Windows Updates.

It goes without say that your antivirus software needs to be updated but it is also important to update the application as well as the daily virus updates. The application update can be found at the website of the antivirus software manufacture i.e. ESET, Norton, McAfee etc.

Please be aware of fake antivirus programs. These programs will have a generic name such as “Virus Protection 2015″ or “Super Antivirus Software” and will give you a false reading saying you have x amount of viruses and that you need to give your credit card details to clean the system. This is a scam and the software needs to be removed immediately.

If you use the Revenue Online Service you will need to regularly update your Java Software. Java is a programming language that websites use to display information. Please note that during the installation there is a small box with a tick in it to change your Internet homepage to Untick this box to keep your current homepage.

Adobe Flash Player (for accessing websites) and Adobe Reader (for reading PDF files) need to be updated to patch security issues with the software. The latest version of the applications can be downloaded from

If you are unsure of a particular application, please feel free to contact us.

Keep Your Computer Clean

It is recommended that you clear temporary and junk files from your computer once a month. For Windows computers you can download a program called Ccleaner ( to clear theses files. For Mac OS X users, you can use Onyx ( Please read the instructions carefully when using these programs.

It is also recommended that you remove dust from inside of your computer at least once a year. This is to clear the fan and stop overheating.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note. KS Technologies does not take responsibility for any damage or data loss caused by any software or updates listed in this article.