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Hosted Email Service

Hosted Email Service

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Our Hosted Email Service provides our clients with a completely personalised email account, which portrays an extremely professional and polished image for you and your Practice.

There’s nothing worse than receiving an error message saying your “Inbox is full” or your clients complaining that they cannot send you an important file due to size/space limitations on your email account. To overcome this, our service also features an extra-large email storage allowance, in order to future-proof your inbox from space constraints and you’ll never have to worry about receiving large files from your business contacts again.

  • A personalised and professional looking email address.
  • Your email address can be e.g., etc.
  • You get 50 GB email storage. This is five times larger than most standard providers. You will never have to worry about clearing your inbox again.
  • Once you sign up, you will then own the domain, so your email service can never be cancelled unless you choose to do so! You can also add future services to your domain, websites, blogs, online services etc.